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Transform your speaking voice and

gain unshakable confidence

 Transform your speaking voice and

gain unshakable confidence


This online hour-and-a-half workshop is created to help you unlock your true voice and potential!

This workshop is unlike anything you've seen and the only one that combines easy healthy vocal technique, deep mindset work, and effective spiritual techniques to transform your relationship with your voice and create deep & long-lasting change so you can continue sharing your voice and message with the world with ease and confidence!


 📆 Wednesday 11/16/2022  at 8 PM

📍Online Zoom Call

Who this program is for?

If you are a coach, teacher, sales person or leader in your industry, or if:

-> You hate the sound of your voice

-> Your voice is hoarse, sounds strained or choppy

-> You feel pain when you speak

-> You lose your voice frequently

-> You feel your voice is weak and you can’t speak for a long period of time

-> You experience stage fright or anxiety before you speak


It’s time to unlearn your habits and beliefs about speaking


It is possible to change your speaking voice and rewire your

mindset and body. Giving you EVERYTHING you need for your vocal success, coaching you through challenges and answering all of your questions in our online workshop. 

What are you receiving in this workshop?

Learn everything you need to learn about building a healthy and powerful voice with effective training and vocal exercises


Have more trust in your voice

Start healing your relationship with your voice and actually love the sound of it

Be able to express your message with more clarity and ease

Have more influence and impact when you speak

Have full confidence and be able to speak in front of people

What Some Our successful Students Have To Say

"I am a public speaker and after surgery, my voice was not the same. I'm so grateful for working with Natalia.

Her guidance helped me see a huge difference in my voice where I feel I am straining my voice so much less and nailed my latest public speaking gig." 


- Nadia, Movement and Mindset coach and Speaker


"Being a team leader and not having the confidence and vocal authority to lead a group of people was very frustrating for me. I'm so grateful for working with Natalia.

I learned how to have more power and impact when I speak and how to speak more efficiently so I don't feel vocally tired by the end of the day. Not only she helped me gain more power in my voice but my mindset and outlook completely transformed. I highly recommend her for speech and mindset work."


-Brian, Manager, and entrepreneur.

I know losing your voice constantly, having a weak voice that keeps getting hoarse,

and hating the sound of it is very frustrating.

Without our voice, we can't express who we are

and help others like I know you truly want to.

It's not about getting back to your old voice, it's about re-create a better one.

I believe it’s our right to feel empowered when we speak, therefore,

I’ve kept the pricing for this workshop extremely accessible so that I can help as many people as possible like yourself to understand & express your unique voice and gain trust with your voice.


Your Investment:

PAY-IN-FULL: Instead of $85 for a limited time only $55 

Hi, I’m Natalia.

I am a vocal coach, certified mindset coach, and hypnotherapist. After years of being frustrated by the traditional vocal coaching that led me to lose my voice and desire to sing I thought there has to be a different way. After years of research, going to different workshops and seminars, completing a Master's in Music Education and Voice Performance, and lots of failing... I created a method that combines your unique mindset, body, and voice connection to unleash your healthy, powerful and authentic voice. 

Since then I’ve been helping hundreds of singers and speakers of all ages with different backgrounds to live their true potential and some of them even heal others through their voices. 

By living my own method I now speak and sing with full confidence and passion and even had the chance to share it with millions of people on the “America’s Got Talent” TV show. The sky's not the limit, you have infinite potential and I would be honored to show you how to get started speaking and living the life you want and deserve. 




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If I have questions during the program, will I be able to ask them?

Absolutely! You can ask any questions you have during the live workshop. If you are unable to make the sessions live, you can email me at: with any questions you’d like answered. 


Do you guarantee results or offer refunds?

Because this work requires YOU to implement what I’m teaching, I do not guarantee results but I do believe in this work deeply and am happy to support you during the live workshop and in the program after. We will have live Q&A sessions and our close group to help you get the best results possible. 

I have a vocal cord disorder. Is this program for me?

Before taking this program make sure you have a clearance from your ENT. I will walk you through step by step and teach you everything you need to know to build a strong and healthy voice along with an empowered mindset. Give yourself this gift of honoring your voice and being open to what comes, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you will uncover and where this journey will lead you!  

Will this workshop have homework and how long do I need to practice? 

Yes, it will. Habits only change with aligned consistent and repeated practice. Therefore, I recommend doing focused vocal exercises and mindset practice. You will enjoy this time because you will feel the shift and joy connecting to your voice. You don't need to spend more than 15 minutes a day. 

Once I pay how does this work? 

You will receive an email with a zoom linkThe recordings will be emailed and in your portal to rewatch. 

I live outside the USA. Can I pay through PayPal?

Absolutely, you should have a choice to pay via Paypal if not, please email us at to request to pay via PayPal. 

Do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact us HERE 

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