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A unique 8-week transformational live group program that will take you from being a hustler to an effortlessly abundant queen

What if you knew that in just 2 months you could:

🤍 Hit your sales and financial goals with ease

🤍 Attract opportunities and miracles on repeat

🤍 Get unstuck when it comes to hitting “big” numbers

🤍 Feel a sense of deep peace, inspiration and connection

🤍 Feel satisfaction and fulfillment with yourself and what you have

🤍 Attract more money with less doing and stressing

🤍 Go from a people pleaser to someone who is putting her pleasure and happiness first unapologetically

🤍 Create financial stability that is not dependent on any outside circumstances

Hi beautiful soul! I’m Natalia and I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Board Certified by the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners. I’m a VP of Business Development, opera-crossover singer and mom to a 15-month baby boy. So I know a thing or two about being busy and juggling many hats. In the beginning, I was struggling to hit my sales goals although I was working 8 am-10 pm.

I was so frustrated because not only was I living paycheck to paycheck but I also didn’t have time to pursue my passions on and off the stage.

After years of studying, experience and refining I created my unique Bridge Method© that completely changed my life and will break the matrix cycle for you too. Going from being broke to where I earn 6 figures with ease and have the freedom to be a present mom, wife, performer and coach.


My passion is to help you achieve long-lasting happiness and live your dream life with less doing, stress, and effort. Yes, it’s possible! Let me show you how...


🤍 You are a salesperson but you are having a hard time “hitting your numbers”

🤍 You’re having a hard time making money in your business

🤍 You are working around the clock but have yet to feel financially abundant

🤍 You feel the constant need to be “productive” but rarely feel satisfied and at peace

🤍 You feel you are constantly getting the same results or no results when it comes to money

🤍 You feel empty, uninspired, bored, and unfulfilled


It’s time to live the life you were meant to live- knowing you are deeply supported by money so you can do what you truly want. Most people think it's about doing a certain strategy, know someone, or hard work but truly its about mastering your energy, mindset and habits so the universe is reflecting your new identity and reality back at you.


What we will be covering in the next 8 weeks?

🤍 Aligning with your soul’s desire and Clearing the fog

🤍 Tap into feeling using dance, voice and breath

🤍 Creating new beliefs that support your next-level self

🤍 Reprogram your subconscious using Hypnosis

🤍 Karma Cleaning with yourself and 1 significant person in your life

🤍 Clearing resistance along the way using RRT

🤍 Using life force energy to energize your desires

🤍 Using human design to tap into your natural effortless way to attract abundance

What Can You Expect?

🤍 8 LIVE Training and Coaching calls where you will have the space to get personalized coaching and a chance to get your individualized questions answered while feeling supported by a small group of like-minded people

🤍 A private WhatsApp group where you can connect with like-minded souls and get support from me in between calls

🤍 Homework, journal prompts, meditations, hypnotherapy recordings, training recordings replays.


We start on Wednesday, June 5th at 4 pm

Wednesday, June 14 at 4 pm

Wednesday, June 21st at 4 pm

Wednesday, June 28th at 4 pm

Wednesday, July 5th at 4 pm

Wednesday, July 12th at 4 pm

Wednesday, July 19th at 4 pm

Wednesday, July 26th at 4 pm

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