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How to choose the Right voice teacher for YOU?

Every singer knows how hard and confusing it is to choose the right voice teacher especially at the beginning of their career.

A good voice teacher is crucial for having a successful singing career and plays an important role in a singer's lives. He or she is a mentor, vocal technician, music coach, supporter, career consultant, friend, sociologist and so much more.

Vocal teachers have big responsibility to be professional and knowledgeable in their work. The human voice is very delicate and bad training could cause irreparable damage to the voice.

From my personal experience, I came to New York to study with the biggest names in my field and I have got to the conclusion that names are names but, if I feel that I am not improving or singing with healthy technique there is nothing wrong with me, or the teacher. It is just not a good fit and I need to find someone else.

So here is my best tips and questions you should ask yourself before and after the lesson to know if you are in the right hand:

1. Professional and well trained singer: A good voice teacher is a good singer first.

You can't teach someone how to sing correctly without going through the same challenges and know what to do to fix them. Usually, classically trained singer has a better knowledge of voice technique. Opera singers use their voices and bodies to the max. They know how to efficiently project their voices and use good support without using unnecessary tension. Check their work by searching them on YouTube and/or hearing their students work.

2. Start classical training and then choose the style of music you will be singing in. Classical is classical in arts, drama, dance and music. Learn the basics first. After a year or two you can start singing your choice of music style. If you are blessed enough to have a teacher who knows both genres... well, good for you! If not, well... you need to find a new one.

3. A good voice teacher will tailor the vocal technique to you! One size doesn't fit all! A good teacher will find different ways to explain to you what they want so you can understand and perform better. Sometimes we understand directions but our bodies don't. Singing is doing, not understanding. A good teacher will make you move, use your imagination, use visuals, accessories, different methods (such as: Alexander technique) and more. All these different approaches are meant to stimulate your body and mind to get you to the right mind set.

4. Communication, chemistry and trust.

You will build a very important and strong bond with your teacher. A good teacher will set a positive, supportive and inspiring environment for his/her students. To be able to make mistakes and take risks are crucial for your growth as a singer and artist. Make sure your teacher allows that!

5. Get results! A good voice teacher should set short and long terms goals with you. Every lesson should focus on up to three important things. Moreover, have a vision to where you want to get in six months. If you feel after four months you are not progressing and feeling stuck ask yourself: "Am I doing everything I can? Do I practice enough? Am I consistent?" If the answer is yes get a new teacher.

6. A good voice teacher has good ears!

The main reason why were are going to a voice teacher is to have an honest feedback on our voices. A good teacher will always be honest ( but kind) with his or her feedback. 70% of the time a good voice teacher will stop you and correct you.

7. It is OK to switch teachers!

It is very rare that one teacher is good for us throughout all our career. We change as artists and our needs are changing as well therefore, we need new tools to be able to get to the next level. Don't be afraid to switch to a new teacher when you feel you got everything you could from your current teacher. A good teacher will recognize it first and will direct you to someone he or she trusts.

Yes, you will need a teacher for the rest of your life. Of course only if you are serious about it. The biggest vocalist, Celine Dion, still trains with her vocal coach every week to maintain her flexibility and vocal health so she can rock till this day every sold-out concert.

Be your own teacher! don't depend on your teacher too much. A good teacher will give you tools and ask you questions to analyze and reflect some of the things you did so you can repeat them by yourself after.

Hope I helped you to get a better idea how to choose the right voice teacher for you! :)

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