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Straw Technique for Singers

Who knew that a straw can save your voice? Well many speech pathologist are already using this great technique for their patients for many years.

I find this technique really useful in my own practice and with my students in all levels.

I use this technique in different ways:

1) To bridge the gap between registers. I ask my students to make siren sounds going high and low in their voice through the straw. The main point is deliver the sound with energy through the straw projecting it forward. Many students that had difficulty to control their voices in between registers found more control and power and sang with much more ease.

2) Breath Support. To create resistance and straitening your breath support the straw can technique can really help with that. Use a tall glass filled with 1/2 cup of water and just blow air into it. You will start to notice that if you blow too much air the water will spill everywhere and it will be hard for you to finish long phrases. This exercise mirrors your breath control. If you use too much air you will see it and if you use not enough air you will see it as well. It is hard to physically see what we do with our voices since we can't see it. However, this technique allows singers in all levels to find more control and ease singing in between registers and find more breath control.

Now take that super hard song you feel you can't sing and just sing it through the straw. you will be amazed with the results!!!

Please comment below which song you tried to sing it with and if you found this post helpful.

Check out my related video on Youtube :)

Good Luck Superstars!

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