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My Singing Practice Routine

Hello beautiful singers! Today I'm sharing my current singing practice routine. I dedicate 15 minutes of focused vocal warm up. Please feel free to join me with by clicking the video link down below.

I would love to hear your comments or any question you might have :)

My Singing Practice Routine:

1. Get your body flexible, alert and ready. Do some stretches and make sure your body is warmed up.

Breath low (imagine you are smelling your favorite flower) and release on "tss" sound for 20 seconds (or more). Make sure your ribs are out and you feel as like you expending while you are releasing the air.

2. "Brrr" on a single tone and then play with high and low sounds. When you feel you can control the sound better do this sound in octave leap going up and down. Aim the sound out. Voice is all about putting yourself in a right state of energy. When you are getting to higher notes imagine someone is tickling you. It truly helps me and my students A-LOT!

3. Bri-ye-ee-ye-ee-ye: Use the previous "brr" sound to direct you correctly to "ye" sound. Be gentle and lighter with the intensity of your voice. Keep it forward and light. Try not to move your jaw or tongue too much to create a more smooth sound. The only that will move slightly is your tongue.

4. Arpeggio "Ha-le-lu-jah": To work on different vowel and at the same time expending your range. sing on each vowel the following sequence: 1-3-5-1-5-3-1.

Good Luck!

Please feel free to join me with by clicking the video link down below :)

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