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Unleash the Power Within?

Coming to this event I really didn't know what to expect but, I felt I needed a change. Something different to shake me up from my regular life routine. This year I celebrated my 30th birthday and I started to question my career, goals and values.

I felt confused and I was hoping I would get a sense of clarity and focus in my life.

In the past year I came across Tony Robbins' books and videos and I felt his ideas and methods resonant with me and I decided I want to get a deeper experience through his seminar Unleash the Power Within.

After a LONG flight to California I came to San Jose, met a lovely lady who praised Tony Robbins after she saw how this event changed her sister's life. We finally arrived to SAP Center and I was overwhelmed by the amount of people waiting in line. After a long security check I was IN.

Set next to two lovely men and the countdown began: 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1! ( Very loud music ion the background).

I just couldn't believe the person I was reading and admiring his work so much is jumping and playing with sticks in front of me.

Unleash the Power Within is a 4- (full) day program. From the first minute to it's very last you are fully engaged and energized. You will face your own deepest fears, learn more about yourself but most importantly you will design the life you want and become the person you CHOOSE to be.

Here's the breakdown of UTW Program:

Day 1 – Transforming limitation into Power. The Firewalk Experience (Yes I did it :)) Day 2 – Turn Dreams Into Reality. The Power Of Success Conditioning. Day 3 – Break Through To Your New Life. Transformation Day. Day 4 – The Power of Pure Energy. 12 Master Principles of a Vital Life

If you are going to this event, get general admission seating. Seat next to the aisle if you can and bring healthy snacks with you. Come with a completely OPEN mind. DO all of the tasks at full tilt without holding back. Without question you will get a lot out of it. Depending upon your emotional maturity, it can be life changing.

To hear more about my personal experience click to watch my YouTube video:

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