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How to use a Microphone to sound AMAZING! ๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽค

No matter how your vocal technique is great if you don't know how to sing properly to a microphone you will not sound as good as you can. After singing with many different microphones in professional platforms and really bad karaoke nights I formed my TOP 5 keys to sound like a pro!

1. Sing into the microphone: Make sure the direction you are holding the mic is right in front of your mouth and not under your chin. The fullness of your sound will not be absorbed properly and the quality of your sound will go down.

2. Keep your Distance: Usually, keeping the microphone between one-half to one inch away from your mouth will help capture your sound the best. Be consistent! Don't be attempted to play around too much with your mic. Remember! the mic is an extension of your voice and not a prop. Whenever, you sing high note slightly, and I mean slightly move the mic away from your mouth to avoid distortion.

3. Avoid Feedback: Nothing is worse when you are in the mist of conveying the deepest meaning of the song and that awful sharp feedback sound comes out of the speakers and your audience cringe and closing their ears. Yep, that happened to me more than once.

To avoid that, know your stage and where everything is located. Keep the microphone and loudspeakers as far away from each other as possible. Also, don't cup your mic (holding the tip of your mic) like EMINEM... keep it simple. Yo Yo Yo... ( I had to).

4. Don't skip Soundcheck!!!

Yes, both breakfast and soundcheck are important for an healthy singer :)

Avoid the 1,2,3 random sounds and sing as if you are performing with your full sound and support. The worse you can do to your voice is when you are relying on the mic to amplify you and not on your support and technique and in the end you are causing more damage because you are putting more pressure on your vocal chords. So, sing like you mean it!!!!

5. Add Vocal Effects- The cool thing about microphone you can add effects that usually you can't really do when you sing with your natural sound. One thing I do in most of my pop songs is to end important phrases with decay vocal effect. You do it simply by taking away the mic slowly from your mouth. Trust me that will make you sound like Mariah Carey. Well close enough.

Hope you found this helpful! Please comment your favorite tips and share to with your friends!

To be part of my FREE 7- Days Vocal Challenge Email Me: Contact@NataliaMusic.Online

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