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How to Perform at your BEST!

When we perform we need to in our highest state with full concentration and energy.

So how I do it? Priming. If you are not familiar with this word, it is basically like meditation but it uses a more active breathing that helps you shift your state and connect to your highest self. I took this technique from Tony Robbins after attending his powerful event "Unleash the Power Within".

I do the following 4 steps almost every morning and especially before I perform to prime myself to perform at my highest level.

First, find a quiet place. Put few drops of your favorite essential oil or try my favorite mix:

Drop of Frankincense ( Promotes peaceful, and satisfied feelings of overall wellness)

Drop of doTERRA Breathe Blend (Promotes feeling of clear airways and easy breathing)

Drop of doTERRA Citrus Bliss ( Helps to uplift mood and reduce stress)

on your hands rub your hands against each other and smell them. You will feel imminently a shift in your mood and you will feel more alert and connected. If you have soar muscles, use the same mix and massage your neck and shoulders.

2. Fire Breath-

After practicing kundalini yoga for many years and experiencing it in one of Tony Robbin's event, I took this powerful breathing technique to shift my state immediately. Just close your eyes, put your hand up, take an inhale ( through the nose) while you are pulling the hands down ( imagine you are pulling anything you need for that moment; more courage, love, support etc.) and exhaling explosivaly through your nose out. Do this for 30 times X 3 sets and you will feel how your body physically is more alert, present and very calm. In between sets try to focus on your body and not your thoughts. Of course that sentence you are trying to memorize will pop but try to observe that thought and be aware of it but not to completely dive into it.

3. Gratitude-

This step is my favorite. That's where the magic starts.

Rub your hands and place them on your heart. Be grateful for 3 things. the key is to actually FEEL it! not just say it but feel how lucky and blessed you are!

4. Visualize your perfect performance-

See yourself succeeding. Imagine how you are walking towards the stage or audition, how the people react to you, how you would sing every verse and chorus, and see how you are truly killing it!

5. Heeling Energy-

Place your palms upwards and just imagine a white/gold/blue light is showering your body with a powerful healing energy and heals your body and emotions.

I know it may be strange and a bit too "spiritual" but I got to tell you IT WORKS! and you will feel truly amazing and ready to conquer the world.

If you want to see it in action click the link below to watch my full YouTube video.

Thank you for reading and as always share it with someone who needs it and always feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Much love!


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