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You know it's time to do something significant with your voice and gift. Now is the BEST time to start!

> Do you feel you can’t find your unique voice and express it freely with

   full power and range?

> Are you struggling with stage fright and putting yourself out there? 

> Do you always want to sing but you feel it's too late for you to start singing? 

> Did you take vocal lessons before and find them to be boring and ineffective?  

Well, you are not alone. I was exactly in your shoes answering all those questions: “Hell, yeah!”.

After years of performing, taking endless voice lessons from top vocal coaches in the world,

and teaching hundreds of students I developed this transforming wholistic vocal technique to give you absolute clarity on how to connect and express your unique voice, how to eliminate fear, doubt and connect to your inner power and express yourself freely and

finally, share your unique gift with the world.



Presenting: VOCAL FREEDOM 3-Months Private Coaching   

This is your time where you can choose to work on a specific challenge that you are facing. Or if you are felling stuck and in need of clarity, direction. Or goal settin...
Clarity Call with Natalia
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You will learn everything you need to know about building a healthy and powerful voice from start to finish with powerful step-by-step vocal training and mindset coaching

You will expand your voice and sing high notes with more ease and power

you will gain powerful and consistent sound throughout all the registers

You will heal your relationship with your voice and wire yourself with unshakable confidence so you can finally do what you always wanted with your talent

You will have 3 complete songs sung with your unique voice and style you can start sharing

You will know how to perform and create a true impact with your presence and voice

What Can You Expect from my signature Vocal Freedom Private Signature Program:

  • Private vocal coaching with me tailored to your voice and goals (90 minutes sessions 4 times a month). 

  • Full access to training videos and vocal exercises. 

  • Monthly masterclass and performance- Unleash mental and energetic blocks to improve performance and develop true confidence and creativity. 

  • Supportive FB group- A supportive community with like-minded singers from around the world where you can ask questions, get support on your vocal journey, and collaborate with other artists. 

  • Text and voice support- Monday to Friday direct access to my guidance to keep you accountable, ask any questions, and get the support you need in real-time.  


Are you ready to sing, perform and live like the truly powerful singer you are? 

If you are, I welcome you to an exclusive one-of-a-kind vocal, performance,

and mindset program you have never experienced before. 

Please schedule your Clarity Call by clicking the "Book It" button. 


A Little About Natalia

Natalia has been teaching voice and transforming over 250 students' voices over the course of 10 years. 

She received her Bachelor of Music Performance in Voice and Education from the Conservatory of Music of Brooklyn College and graduated with a Masters's degree in Music Education with honors. Being passionate about all things voice-related, Natalia uses the Alexander Technique, vocal psychotherapy, and coaching to transform singers’ voices through one of a kind holistic approach.    

Natalia established herself as a promising opera singer after singing the title roles: Tatiana (Eugene Onegin), Marfa (Tsar's Bride) and Thaïs (Thaïs), Suzel (L’amico Fritz), Musetta (La bohème), Susanna (The Marriage of Figaro) and Micaëla (Carmen), Patricia (G Train the Musical), Mother (Hansel and Gretel).

She has performed as a soloist in various concerts throughout Israel and New York, including Handel's Messiah and Faure's Requiem, and she participated at the International Vocal Arts Institute held by

Joan Dornemann and Lucy Arner, both of The Metropolitan Opera. 

Her affinity for singing popular music has always played an important part in her artistic endeavors.

In Voce Nova, she bridged the gap between the two typically disparate genres and brings all of her experience, talent, and style to the worldwide stage.

In 2020 Natalia performed on one of the biggest stages- America's Got Talent and more.. 

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