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How to Memorize Song Lyrics?

As a performer one of the biggest challenges is to learn by heart my songs, texts and arias especially when it's not my main language.

When you depend on a score or a piece of paper you taking away from your freedom on stage. Not only you are more nervous you can't fully express yourself, focus on your technique and connect with your audience. So what is the point of performing?

so, make sure you take the time and follow these simple steps:

1. Copy the text with your own hand write on a separate sheet of paper.

2. If the text is not your native language take the time to translate it word by word (!) Many skip this step and using a general translation of the song that don't really depict the nuances and true meaning of the song. Moreover, make sure you know how to pronounce the text correctly. You can do it by listening to a singer who is speaking the language of the song is written in and you can you "Google Translate" and write the word and clicking the sound symbol to hear the pronunciation of the word.

3. Meaning- Now here is the fun part. After you did the hard and tedious work now you can truly understand the meaning of the song and find YOUR personal interpretation. Ask yourself the question how can I relate to this phrase? How can you relate to that situation? How can you express it? What are you want to express?

4. Images- For each new idea attach an image that fits the text and its meaning the best. When I sing a song I have a complete movie in my head that helps me to come up with the words faster.

5. Organize it- Now that you did the hard work now it is time to SIMPLIFY it. Rewrite it and group it in a way that makes sense to you. Use different colors to represent a different group. for repetitive sections use the same color. This visual aid helps a lot for your brain to create more connections in it and therefore to remember it better.

6. Memorization- Start memorizing the first section. After you feel comfortable with it learn the second section and then add the first one to it and so on. Slowly by surly you will have the song memorized.

7. Listen to your OWN version- When I'm on the go I find that listening to the song over and over again helps me a lot. However, be carful to listen to a different singer. You will find yourself copying every sound effect they use and even bad habits they have. Record yourself with a good accompaniment or karaoke track and you will sound like yourself.

I recommend to listen and repeat the song at least 3 times a day; morning, afternoon and right before you go to bed.

Good Luck!

Please share and comment below your tricks to how you memorize your song :)

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